A traveling adventure

In an unprecedented traveling year, we're off again.

Our garden is lovely right now, but it's now been battened down, ready for summer tending and our frequent HomeExchanger folks, we hope.  The landscape, in general, is well-watered at the moment; we've had a deluge over the last week -- it'll be going into early summer well-hydrated with ~ 6+ inches of rain.

In my raised beds, I cut back all of the flowering chives this morning, along with pulling out a flowering kale that had overwintered.  The pocket meadow and the woodland landscape and the native areas around the house all look great.

Sedum bed and emerging pocket meadow
I'm doing a class tomorrow about Pocket Meadows at the NC Arboretum, just before we leave.  It's been fun to review its progression over the last 9 years.  (The lesson is keep replacing and editing!)

This time, we're off to Quebec, kayaks on top of my Volvo XC wagon, Woody, our Golden Retriever in back, along with bins of the few things that we think are necessary to bring, although we expect we'll have plenty for our purposes, in the house that we'll be in.

It's an adventure, to be sure.  It's a birthday week for me.  I turned 63 last Friday.  Why not embrace another journey?


  1. The garden looks great and I love the rock paths. Have a great time.xo

  2. Thanks, Gail. It's an adventure, to be sure.


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