Nice to be home

May is a time for growth, to be sure. And many of my fellow Garden Blogger Flingers have commented on it, as they arrived home after the last few days.

Our garden wasn’t any different. It welcomed me home with lovely spring growth: exuberant perennials, a flourishing woodland garden, and the herb/vegetable beds looking great.


  1. I love the walk/path you created!

  2. Yay! Won't it be nice to settle in and enjoy the rest of spring and summer? So glad to see you and chat at the Fling, Lisa. :)

    1. It was such a wonderful time at the Fling!

      We’re off to more adventures, though, so will be leaving our garden here for a new summer one (we hope), in Quebec in a week and a half.

      But it’s lovely to have had a late spring to enjoy, while being home here for a bit.

  3. It always feels like a happy reunion when I return to the garden after a trip.

  4. It’s been so great to have a lovely couple of weeks at home in our garden!


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