A new house, kitchen, and garden

We moved in yesterday after closing in late morning. The house is wonderful, as is the garden, and the former owner left so much more than we thought he would. There are garden tools, pots and pans, a flock of chickens, etc. Perfect.

Our walk up the road this evening (without cell phones) was beautiful, but without internet access until Wednesday, posting photos is a bit “expensive” in terms of data, even though we’re using our US Verizon account’s data — at $5/day for access. So there will be photos to come.

This morning brought an reorganization of the kitchen and cleaning out all of the old spices, bits of this and that, etc. I think his former girlfriend was the cook, so there were lots of old herbs and spices to compost (she left 3 years ago, although they’re still friends).

But we’re feeling more settled in now, and Woody is thinking that this is a good spot. He loves being out in the garden with us or just with Tim. And he’s friendly with the chickens. At home in Asheville, there’s way too much outdoor cat poop (NOT a good thing), so he’s always under wraps.

It’s such an interesting experience to be here now, after over 4 1/2 months of looking at images — and now we’re reminded in real time of why we thought this area was so great in summer in the first place.

Just driving back from picking up a few more things in the city nearby, I was reminded again of that. The views of the St. Lawrence are wonderful, and as I passed by the park, on the way to our new house, really great.

Nothing not to like.