A new garden awaits

It seems nuts, but it looks like we have a new summer garden ahead. 

Our garden here in the Western North Carolina mountains is ready for HomeExchange folks for the next two months as is our house.

An acre in Le Bic, Quebec, at the gateway to the Gaspe Peninsula, is waiting, along with a historic schoolhouse turned into a home.

Our first in-person visit is a week from today, after four months of looking at images online, after coming to an agreement with the seller -- it's a personal seller-buyer site; we've talked back and forth via Google Translate for the last months, with one personal phone conversation via his bilingual friend (he'll be there for our official "final" visit) -- hmm, the last "contingency" on our purchase agreement.

An adventure, to be sure.  We'll be off on Tuesday, with Woody, bike and kayaks.

Regardless, we'll be enjoying summer, wherever we are!


  1. What Janet said! What a fantastic adventure! xo

  2. I’m so happy for you that this is working out, Lisa! Can’t wait to see what your summer brings to you!

  3. It will be so fun to follow your adventures this summer. As you mentioned, the long days will help the plants to grow fast! Cheers!

  4. That is very exciting! Looking forward to reading about your summer adventure.

  5. Well, that's exciting! Intrepid!


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