Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ready for fall vegetables

One drawback of planting late is that my tomatoes, squash, and beans are still going strong. It continues to amaze me how disease and pest-free that they've been this summer.  No bean beetles, squash bugs, cucumber beetles, etc.

late summer beans and squash
 There's just now a bit of powdery mildew developing on a few squash leaves, but nothing disfiguring so far.  Hooray!

But, happily, the three "loser" tomatoes were all in the same bed -- a cherry tomato masquerading as a Sweet Million (NOT), a Pantano (maybe OK), and a "black cherry" that was totally not what I'd grown before.  These were all bought from a small vendor at the WNC Herb Festival, so perhaps weren't what the grower thought they were, or perhaps were OP grown out versions (at least in the "Sweet Million" case.)

So, I pulled them all up today to be able to sow some fall greens, beets, and turnips.  It's still a bit early, perhaps, but no reason not to turn over the beds (the black cherry was the only plant still producing much, and they weren't really all that tasty fresh, and I've got LOTS of tomatoes already roasted and frozen, with more to come....)

I added a tall layer of composted manure (it was Black Kow, which looked like an excellent addition for hard-working beds) and worked it in-- so I'm ready to plant!

ready to plant fall vegetables

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