Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Creating natural neighborhoods: bus stops

Thinking and musing about how to encourage folks to plant (and maintain) any semblance of nature in the city, I've been scouting around medians, bus stops, and neglected patches here and there, primarily to pitch to my garden club group as guerrilla "flash" gardening clean-ups.

They're everywhere in my small mountain city.

Thanks to inspired folks for decades, we HAVE lots of median plantings, city plantings, etc.  But there's not so much money or time for maintenance.

Bus stops seem to be a particular "no-person's land" -- the city delegates them to the bus folks, who definitely have a limited landscape maintenance staff and budget.

Clingman Avenue bus stop
This one, along a major route to the River Arts District, would be an easy guerrilla "clean up."

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