Friday, August 14, 2015

Native perennials at my local hardware store

A great selection of perennials
I was delighted to find a wonderful selection of native perennials at my local Ace Hardware (on Merrimon Ave.) in Asheville today.

I guess I'd missed them before -

Lawrence, the staff member in charge, doesn't have a lot of space, but as he told me, in our nice conversation about gardening with perennials, he tries to turn over plants every couple of weeks, so clearly I'd just missed these late-summer flowering plants before, as I'd have headed down the hill by now in past years, for the beginning of the
academic year.

He had a who's who of my favorite 'fall' perennials for pollinators, mostly native.

I snagged a couple of Liatris squarrosa and two small Husker's Red Penstemon (Penstemon digitalis).

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