Thursday, August 20, 2015

Emerite and Romano pole beans

Pole beans have been my preference in my (now many) years of vegetable gardening. 

Why crouch down to pick gobs of beans being produced so prolifically that we can't possible eat them all, nor do I want to freeze or can them, beyond just a few packages?

So delicious pole beans have been my go-to standby, especially a French filet pole bean, Emerite (introduced by a French seed company, Vilmorim, some years ago), but available in this country through specialty vegetable seed suppliers interested in flavor (Renee's Garden Seeds is where I've bought mine over the years).  Renee has sought out the best-tasting vegetables for her seed offerings over the years, and I've found her selections to be great. 

Emerite is a winner.

Emerite and Romano beans sorted out (for cooking and freezing, according to size)
I'm also fond of Romano pole beans, and have bought good varieties from different sources over the years.  The key is looking for descriptions talking about tenderness at all sizes!  Romano beans have a delicious rich flavor which I love -- and if they're not stringy or tough, magic...

The photo shows the harvest from trellises of about 10 feet total ( in two separate beds) over 3 days.  More than we can eat (we just finished a delicious bean dish and have squash to eat, too); so, some went into the freezer, and some were made into the same delicious cilantro-ginger-lime-peanut bean dish, thanks to Yottam Ottolenghi's recipe in a recent Bon Appetit.

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