Sunday, September 16, 2012

Views out the front door

Female goldfinch gleaning seed
I spent the morning cleaning up the last of the beans and squash from my vegetable beds in the mountains.

I won't be back for several weeks, although my gardening companion will be as well as the folks who keep an eye on things, etc., so I wanted to tidy up the garden.

Echinacea fruits

view through the front door

The joy of the morning, aside from satisfaction in getting the beds cleaned up, was how fun the pocket meadow was!  Talk about lively.

First, a female goldfinch was gleaning seeds from Echinacea fruits that are already looking scruffy.

Then, a monarch dropped by to visit Aster flowers.

monarch on Aster 'October Skies'
And in between, a hummingbird whizzed by on her way to a Salvia flower.  What fun!


  1. Love the finches on the coneflowers, they pick the seedheads clean!!

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