Thursday, September 27, 2012

Freiburg market at Munsterplatz

One of my favorite places in Freiburg was the almost daily market in the Munsterplatz (during the 2 months I was there - language school for all of us DAAD fellowship folks - we were from all over the world, another great experience from long ago.)

I was so glad both to still find the market in full swing, but also all the wonderful vegetables, plants, etc. looking great. A few were unfamiliar ( a tomatillo relative, another Physalis) had me stumped. Was it sweet? Did you cook it? I wished I'd asked, but the vendor looked a bit stern!

A variety of herbs
Fresh raspberries and strawberries


Great-looking radishes and beets
Organic apples

Wild mushrooms for sale
An attractive flower stand

Lots of plants for sale, too.

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