Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Traveling from Heidelberg to Munstertal

Somehow I've bumbled into a fabulous Schwarzwald destination outside of Freiburg for a couple of days. Hotels & vacation apartments in Freiburg are hard to book at the last minute on weekends, so I'd had to look outside the city.

Munstertal view
Down Munstertal
But I managed to find a wonderful small hotel next to a centuries-old cloister (still active) in a incredibly beautiful valley. I had no idea when I booked yesterday. It's totally lovely.

Cloister in Munstertal
I've been admiring all sorts of public plantings in round-abouts and in commercial spaces, too, along the way. Here are a few of them.

Roundabout planting in Germany
Entrance to a commerical area
Metal planters at entrance to a business

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  1. I used to travel on business to the Heidelberg area and I was always pleasantly surprised at how nicely planted the public spaces were. Even the smallest businesses. Enjoy!


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