Friday, September 21, 2012

Mien Ruys garden

The collection of small gardens created by the influential Dutch garden designer at her family's nursery now make up the public garden open to visitors. Some of the gardens are truly remarkable, all are interesting.
It was well worth the trek (long drive, really) through countryside that seemed an odd mix of agriculture and industry, at least to my eyes, and wasn't as "pretty" as the countryside around Munster and Osnabruck.
'Corner garden'

Another angle of the same garden
This was the Corner Garden (one of about 27 in total, I think, I lost count). It was totally amazing, and I've not seen anything quite like it in my many years of garden visiting. The way that the layers were constructed with the Verbena bonariensis rising above the layers, with the sedum and Thalictrum in the corners- quite magical.

These photos aren't even close to evoking what it really felt like. Magical.

Her gardens were filled with our North American natives - I'm sure this will become a pattern.

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