Monday, September 10, 2012

A September nocturnal symphony

Coming back from an evening walk just as night was settling in, the nocturnal symphony was cranking up.  The night-singers, especially the crickets, are still melodic (and loud). Katydids and related insects are also part of the nocturnal symphony this time of year, in late summer towards fall and the first frost.

It reminds me that the shrill calls of cicadas have largely dropped out of daytime garden sounds, although perhaps I've missed them, through inattention.  I've tried to learn more about insect songs over the years, and it's been interesting.  Here's a site associated with a great reference that I have: Songs of Insects.

I haven't spent much time recently on bird-watching, but a colleague at the Garden this morning with some friends were noticing warblers behind our visitor center complex first thing this morning.  The warblers are starting to move south, probably following the push of the cold front that's just come through, bringing us lovely temperatures this week.  Highs about 80°F, lows about 60°F with sunny skies.  Delightful (and moderate) for this time of the year.

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  1. I will miss the warblers as they head south, but really enjoying the cool evening temps.


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