Pocket meadows

Meadows are wonderful places, full of movement, buzzing insects, and abundant wildlife.  But they're hard to create.

I've been thinking about small-scale meadows (really just exuberant plantings of native perennials and grasses) for awhile. I'm also thinking about ways to best approach their composition and maintenance.

I've admired this grassy meadow planting at the entrance to UNC-Asheville over the last few seasons.

meadow planting at entrance to UNCA
 It appears to only need a shearing once or twice a year.  How nice is that?


  1. Lisa, I hope this is your blog. I just wanted to tell you how much fun I had at the garden blogger's fling in Asheville and how much I enjoyed meeting you. Carolyn

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the Fling, Carolyn!

    And thanks for the mouse ears hosta, too. It's currently doing well in a small pot before it reaches a final garden home!



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