Parking lot meadows

Biltmore Estate (in Asheville, NC) doesn't seem a likely place for parking lot meadows, but it makes sense, given the working hay meadows nearby, and the agricultural aesthetic (and working farm ideal) that the estate pursues.

meadows in parking area for Antler Village and the Winery, Biltmore Estate

My destination this morning was the 'kitchen garden' beyond the Winery, but I was taken by the meadowy plantings around the parking areas for the Winery and Antler Hill Village.

Why shouldn't we be doing this in areas that are currently mowed much more frequently?

These meadows are fescue and clover, I think, with a spattering of other species, but our native grasses and forbs make equally lovely combinations, too.  And frankly, why not encourage a mixed meadow, if they're full of non-native species, if that's what you have. 

I just like to have plants that  'work for a living' in my garden.

Yikes.  This is post 1200!


  1. Congratulations on your 1,200th post!

    The grassland seems rather bare... For meadows. But where theres land, there should be trees. So get to plantin'!

    -Oscar Valencia
    Tree Service Queens

  2. Congrats on post 1200! Amazing!
    I like the meadow look in the parking lots. Are there wildflowers in the meadows?


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