A Memorial Day rainbow

In the U.S., today is Memorial Day, honoring veterans past and present.  We're increasingly mindful as a nation of what the holiday truly marks.

On an university academic calendar, Memorial Day and Labor Day aren't usually on the list at all as holidays. Summer classes begin, or continue, and university offices are open, so it's not been too much on my radar over the years.

Popularly, it's the unofficial first day of summer, marked by family picnics and outdoor grilling.

But what I noticed today is that it also seems to be a day to tidy up your garden.  Our neighbors in the mountains generated mountains of excess weeds and brush to be carted off on the next brush recycling day, noticed late this afternoon on a long walk. Who knew?

It's been uplifting to notice all the improvements folks are making to their gardens and landscapes this season.

And lovely to have a downpour for 10 minutes or so this evening, followed by a complete rainbow.  Here's half.

half of a complete rainbow
Thanks to veterans and their families...


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