Philadelphus inodorus

A native mock-orange, Philadelphus inodorus is a plant I've not actually seen in a natural habitat, although it's native to limestone areas in the Eastern U.S.
Philadelphus inodorus
It thrives in garden plantings, however, and this old plant, next to our small house in the mountains, is a great example.  This shrub flowers profusely each spring, without any care whatsoever (the neighbors are renters and not inclined to gardening, although our efforts, on their behalf have encouraged sporadic improvements).

It's a lovely plant, and deserving of inclusion in modern plantings, too, although I don't think I've ever seen it for sale in a garden center.


  1. My mock orange was one of my favorite surprises this spring in my new house. It doesn't bloom quite as profusely as the one at my mother's house, as it doesn't get much sun, but it was beautiful and smelled so nice!


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