Planting vegetables

Part of the fun of vegetable gardening is swapping out cool-season and warm-season vegetables. It varies year to year and spot to spot -- timing varies, whether the cabbage white caterpillars have decimated the cole relatives, how warm it is, etc.

This year was odd because of the warm winter and early spring warmth.

I've just now planted my first round of beans, cucumbers, and squash in the mountains (the trellises went in today).  There is still kale to be harvested, but the caterpillars are making inroads.... My gardening companion reminded me that I don't like cucumbers (true) but maybe the Persian Little Fingers from Renee's Seeds or the hybrid Diva will be the exception!

Tomatoes and peppers, planted some weeks ago are doing well, but the sugar snap peas are still producing, too, so I planted cucumber seeds at the base of their trellis and hope that it will work out.

The herbs in the front bed are taking over --they're lovely -- thymes, lavender getting ready to flower, tarragon, and oregano.  I've barely had room to tuck in some fennel and beets, and having limited space, may need to cull a bit in the future.  Basil seeds are ready to sow in flats, as soon as I bring them up from the Piedmont.

mid-May 2012 (beans are planted)


  1. I've just added lavender to my herb collection, and I'm very anxious to see how it does! Yours looks beautiful!!

  2. Not a huge cucumber fan either, but I long to try growing gherkins. I've developed a love of them when they're pickled. A great addition to salads or sliced in sandwiches or wraps.

  3. I knew I'd find a picture of your beautiful Woody on your blog. It was so very nice meeting you tonight!


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