Woodland restoration

I've done programs about 'creating a native woodland garden' and 'gardening with natives' this week, so I'm thinking about how to manage converting lawns to woodland, or some sort of other interesting habitat.

I took this photo last weekend (it hasn't yet been incorporated into the native woodland presentation), but it's so heartening.  This is a view into the ravine forest behind our small house in the mountains.

ravine forest
All the hard work that my gardening companion has done removing mats of ivy, cutting the bases of vines, rooting out privet, deleting honeysuckle, etc. (and adding understory natives in their place) is now being reflected in a lovely spring view.

It's SO much nicer than the view early on -- filled with invasives and ivy running up the trees.

I've just realized that I didn't post any of these early photos (uh, why would I?)  I include them in some of my presentations, so maybe they'd be interesting to include as a blog post, too.


  1. I'm working on removing ivy from my new property this year, its proving quite a chore. I have a wonderful sloping woodland between my house and pond, but it is filled with ivy and small leggy trees with no room to grow. I am hoping to thin it out to give the wild azaleas, strawberry bushes, and huckleberries more room to thrive.


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