Full moon and night sounds

Rather amazed at the Star Walk app's ability to overlap with what the iPad2's camera sees, I just checked out whether I could possibly see Saturn and Spica (along with the full moon), but no, the moon is much too bright.  But it found Mars for me, and some other constellations, and hey, I never have been much interested in stars, constellations, or planets (favoring the on-earth natural world), so it's pulling me in!

It was amazing to see the full moon rising up through the forest (in the back of the garden at the end of a spring night hike program).  It looked like a harvest moon, yellow, large, and luminous.  Driving home, the moon was huge.

At 10 pm, this is how the moon, Saturn, & Spica were aligned (if this was visible where you are).  I think with binoculars, in a dark night sky, that you could see Spica  -  I could see both (earlier) before the moon's brightness swamped them out.

April 6, 10 pm, from an internet source

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  1. after reading this last night I went out and saw the moon (duh) and also Saturn and Spica, love it!!

  2. Wasn't it cool to check out the moon and Saturn and Spica!


  3. How neat. I hadn't heard about this app, I'll have to give it a try!


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