Sunday, April 22, 2012

Planting warm-season vegetables

It's odd to feel like I was behind this year in planting tomatoes and peppers. It's been so warm!  But calendar-wise, it's April 22, so not really early at all.

But I wanted to wait until the Garden's spring plant sale (we had lots of veggie transplants available through Garden Fest, an ed. program initiative and a small part of the overall sale).

So I was glad to get some tomatoes and peppers settled in my Piedmont vegetable beds today, along with some parsley and fennel.  And I up-potted peppers and tomatoes to take up to the mountains, too.  (They'll need to hang out a bit prior to planting).

But, maybe I will have been right on time -- a cold front has blasted through today, bringing low 40's in the Piedmont and mid-to-upper 30's to the mountains, so warm season vegetables are getting a chill, if they're exposed, regardless of the soil temperatures.

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