Woo, hoo! A bit of rain

Intermittent winter rains and an early lush spring masked how dry it has become. 

Lawnmowers are uncovering crispy bits and bare soil, as the over-seeded winter rye has died back with the early spring heat.

I watered my vegetable beds this afternoon (the rest of the landscape is on its own, although I may water the woodland wildflower area tomorrow, depending on how much rain falls tonight). 

The arrow marks where I observe wildlife and garden!  I hope the 'some improvement' comes to pass.
It's falling steadily now, with thunder, as a thunderstorm passes over, but it's easing off a bit.  I wished it would hang around and produce a major downpour!


  1. At last look our raingauge read .14"...and it continues to rain. YIPPEEEEE


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