Spring peepers are singing

The retention pond near the local grocery store where I normally shop was alive with the sounds of spring peepers tonight.  It's warm, so not surprising really. 

It's perfect weather for holding forth and attracting mates.

I noted activity of spring peepers on March 13 (in this 2008 post) - yikes, I've been posting a long time.

I went by another local grocery store's retention pond, too, on the way home, and it was full of sound as well.

Spring peeper (from Nature Sound)
Check out Lang Elliot's Nature Sound site to listen

My post about Spring Peepers in 2010 (a cold winter) was on March 29.


  1. Lisa,

    Don't you love the sounds of a wet spring evening. Last night a duet of chorus frogs by the front door. Tonight a growing chorus of spring peepers. I think I heard a pickerel frog the other day, very early.

  2. I need to get better at knowing the different frogs ...we have singing going on all day long and into the night!


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