Native woodland gardens

I took advantage of a mild late afternoon to clear leaves from the small woodland garden planting in front of the house.

This is what it looked like in April 2011.

Yes, we're fans of mulch, leaves, chips, etc. but herbaceous perennials, wherever they're from in the world, don't like to be smothered unduly. Some perennials are better than others when it comes to emerging through leaves or mulch, but heavy chipped mulch and sturdy water oak leaves -- I was worrying about that.

The Christmas ferns and wild gingers can breathe easier now!  Not to mention the bloodroot and crested iris which will be emerging soon, I hope - spring is just around the corner.


  1. I need to clear away the leaves in our back garden. Finally got a mulching blower/vac. Will help amend the soil and it really needs it!

  2. Your gardens are fantastic. I've been clearing out the leaves, too. Time to add a little mulch...but, I'll wait till it stops raining~again. gail ps Next Wednesday is Wildflower Wednesday!


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