Spring-like temperatures

It was supposed to hit 69°F today (my car showed 71°F this afternoon). 

This is a temperature for March, not early February, but nonetheless it was welcome. 

It's hard not to enjoy mild winters, even if they're exhibiting the extremes that we expect from global climate change.  (I'm thankful we're not experiencing the current extremely low temperatures in Moscow, for example!)

SE native plants aren't yet responding unusually early yet, in my observations, but Mt. Cuba Center, in Delaware, in their e-newsletter, reports a few early blooming bluets and early blooming shrubs.  They've had an unusually mild winter, too.

I'll be keeping track of the peas, spinach, and lettuce that I've sown already.  Hmm... Way too early, or maybe I'll be lucky.  We'll see.


  1. Warm for you but we've been hit by a cold spell that sees snow and cold winds chilling the gardens. But migrant fieldfares and redwings from Scandinavia brighten the cotoneaster berries that line our roads.
    Enjoy your warmth!!


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