Full moon and frog calls

The full moon crept up on me this month. Normally I'm paying a bit more attention, but tonight it's glorious, and I had the thought that it would have been a nice evening for a full moon hike. Normally it would have been too chilly to be much fun!

It's been warm enough to start thinking about frog calls, too, and recent offerings of Frogwatch training at the Greenville Zoo reminded me to start boning up.  One of our Master Naturalist volunteers attended last weekend and said it was excellent.

Full moon (November, 2010) (click to read the post)
Just for fun, I searched for previous posts with the label "night sounds" and came up with this result.  It turned out to be an excellent reminder about what to start think about in the coming season.  And I noticed that I did a Feb. 9 night hike a couple of years ago, too, and noted the mild evening.  Hmm.