Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter sunset

winter sunset view (from the deck)
Winter is not such an active gardening time (at least for me, at this point).  I did sow some lettuce and kale seeds under the mini-hoop house and my rigged-up glass house yesterday, though, as an experiment.

My gardening companion energetically cleaned up ivy along the lower slope of the ravine this morning, hauled off accumulated trash (this was below our neighbor's yard), and spread more leaves.  He and Woody clambered up and down the slopes, getting plenty of exercise in the process.

But that sort of 'gardening' is a bit too hard on my hands to make it worth joining in, although the up and down exercise is welcome.

Tim's made tremendous progress in reclaiming the ravine from invasives and adding all sorts of appropriate native trees and shrubs.  It's really quite amazing. We have two lovely large oaks (seen above at sunset) that set the tone, with lots of other interesting trees, too.  It's a good thing to be nudging the ravine back to a native hardwood forest.

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