Monday, December 12, 2011

Window cold frames

A gardening friend of mine made some wonderful cold frames from old wooden windows. 

They looked like jeweled terrariums, with paned windows providing four sides and a top. I didn't have my camera at the gathering where I saw them a couple of weeks ago (photos to come), but they were totally inspiring, and were filled with spinach and cilantro.

I've been on a window search since. 

After unfruitful excursions to a couple of Habitat 'Restores' in Seneca, SC and Asheville, NC and several antique stores, I finally found some matching windows (double-paned) at a Habitat store in Anderson, SC. 

Along with 4 end walls of the same height, I scored 6 windows, to make 2 window box cold frames.  Only $24 for all of them, too. Woo, hoo!

My (electric) screwdriver is charging now.  I'm hardly apt at anything like this, but my gardening friend's setup made it look possible, even with my minimal skills. 

All I need is some braces to fasten the windows together, and then hinges for the lid.  With a drill and a screwdriver (my only power tools), I should be good to go.


  1. What a nifty idea. I'd really like to see photos of your results.

  2. This is my plan--thanks for the ReStore tip. I had considered making some using plexiglass, but that stuff is expensive! When I started gardening, I never considered how I'd need to do some light carpentry, but sturdy trellises and easy-to-operate cold frames and on my to-make list. The row cover and plastic covers are just too cumbersome.
    Please post photos!

  3. Definitely photos are to come!

    I should have had my camera to snag them when I was there, and I'll definitely try to post my 'construction' photos.



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