Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tree planting

Clemson horticulturist Tim Johnson 'augering' a planting site
I became involved in a tree planting project somewhat by accident, but it's turned out to be quite rewarding. I was asked by a friend (who shares local food interests) if I could suggest some shade trees for the Clemson Child Development Center (which shares a building with the Clemson ARTS Center, and the Clemson African-American Museum).  Sure, I said.

The building ( I think) was the former black elementary school many years ago, re-purposed later for K-1 (?) as the Morrison Annex (to Morrison Elementary School), now replaced by Clemson Elementary School.  In any case, the building has been there for a long time.

Perimeter trees were planted at the time it was last renovated, but there were still no trees surrounding the playgrounds for the CCDC.

I sketched out some ideas, money for trees was raised, and somehow, we're going to plant 6 oaks, 5 dogwoods, 5 oakleaf hydrangeas, and 5 blueberries on Saturday and creating mulched beds around them.   Woo-hoo!  Somehow, I think, the spark was provided to make this happen. Synergy.

I ended up spending a lot more time that I'd imagined talking with folks, arranging trees and the augering of holes (thanks to the City of Clemson's horticulturist), suggesting mulch, etc.-- all relatively easy, really.

Augered holes for an oak, a couple of dogwoods, and two oakleaf hydrangeas

It's definitely reminded me how simple actions can make a difference.


  1. Those holes in the last photo look like there is a giant gopher!! Wish I had an auger at my disposal....would make planting so much easier in our clay!

  2. Haha, those holes DO look like they were made by a giant rodent, heehee! You wanted to plant quite a number of trees at the time! Were you able to put in everything you wanted? How are your trees doing right now? I hope they’re growing nice and healthy, especially considering that the weather was more erratic this year than previously!

    Keira Dartez


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