Monday, December 26, 2011

Another window cold frame

It's been mild enough this winter not to need extra protection for most hardy greens (I collected arugula, mustards, and a lovely large leek this evening for part of dinner). 

So I haven't thrown the plastic over the bamboo hoops that are set up, but I did set up another window cold frame, to sow lettuces and spinach in (as soon as I manage to get some seeds up here in the mountains!  I knew I should have put in my winter seed basket for sowing, as well as cataloging purposes).

I haven't managed to get by and take photos of my gardening friend's much more elegant versions, but they're in my mind.  My first attempt on window cold frames will be updated when I'm back home in the Piedmont.

I've opted for a low tech (tacks and jute twine) method for attaching the windows together (so they're easy to take down and move or store).  I wish I'd been able to find smaller windows for the ends, but the solid panels (with openings) are OK for temps down into the 20°s, I think. 

And I'll be sowing seeds this week, too, as soon as I can get back over to Sow True seeds.

simple window cold frame

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  1. Love the cold frame! was good to hear from you today :)


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