Window box cold frame

a window-based cold frame
My results (on my first attempt) weren't pretty like my gardening friend's, but serviceable.

But I didn't need power tools.

I used nails and twine to secure the sides (so I can take it apart to store), and the top lies securely on the sides.

If I can find two taller end pieces (or the right-sized windows), it would look much nicer, but it seems functional.
windows and a electric screwdriver (not needed)

another low tech bamboo hoop house with plastic

I sowed some spinach and arugula seeds, and transplanted some lettuce.  We'll see.

I'm hoping that my second box (in a bed in the mountains) will look nicer, but that depends on matching the windows with the ends!


  1. Hi,

    The editors at Mother Earth News magazine are assembling cold frame project ideas for a 2016 article. We’re very interested in your cold frame. Would you allow us to feature your project in our magazine? If so, we require a high resolution photograph of the project. By high resolution, we mean the original camera file, preferably in a tiff format (although a large jpeg file would also work). If you don’t have a high resolution photo, would you be willing to photograph your project again for us? Feel free to email me at We’d need the photo in hand no later than April 1st.

    We hope to hear from you soon.


    Russell Mullin
    Editorial Intern
    1503 SW 42nd Street
    Topeka, KS 66609


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