Winter snow

The ravine below our small house in the mountains was covered with snow in the Christmas storm.  The most recent snow covered the ravine, too, but is now melting with warmer temperatures. 

Snow-covered ravine
My gardening companion just sent me this photo (finally) downloaded from 'his' camera, a small digital camera that we're now taking traveling, instead of my Nikon D100, an older digital workhorse.


  1. Did you get snow or rain last night? Interesting that my backyard is almost free of snow, the front is still mostly white.
    I like when there is snow cover that you get to see the depth and curve of the land far into the woods.

  2. Janet,
    We just had rain. But I'm like you, it's so interesting to see the landscape covered with snow -- the contours and structure of the landscape is so clear when reflected by snow.


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