Seeds and seed catalogs

I have more than enough vegetable seeds already, I'm sure, both for my own use, and to donate to grow as transplants for Garden Fest, a South Carolina Botanical Garden event in April that encourages folks to grow their own vegetables.

And thanks to Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and Renee's Garden Seeds, with their policies of distributing extra seeds from last year's packaging for non-profit use, I should be set for my outreach activities, both in classes and in our demonstration gardens.

Hmm, so why am I still looking at seed catalogs?  It's fun, of course.  Fortunately, ordering potatoes, leeks, and onion sets helps satisfy the urge to order more seeds....

Next year, I'm going to have low hoops covering some of my vegetable beds (in the mountains and the Piedmont) -- then, even with snowy conditions, I'll be able to harvest kale, collards, and other hardy winter greens.  And, there's an unheated hoophouse at the middle school around the corner in the mountains sponsored by a great program called Winter Green.  The soil has been worked up, but there's currently nothing growing in there.  Hmm. It'll be time to plant soon for early spring harvest.


  1. It's great to be able to use resources like those at the school. Saves waste and you will get a delicious benefit!

  2. I appreciate generous seed companies~and even though I don't grow many things from seed I still read the catalogs cover to cover. gail glad to see you're going to Seattle!


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