January gardening

My gardening companion spent a good bit of time yesterday pulling up more ivy in the ravine behind our small house in the mountains.  He's done an amazing job clearing out undesirable species (think invasives) in the understory, so it's waiting for woodland wildflowers to be planted (that'll be my job, whether we end up building a studio down on the old coal road, or not.)

It's getting close to time to head home down the hill to the Piedmont; classes start next week, and there are things to do.  My vegetable garden there is pretty much dormant, except for garlic and kale, although the hoophouse experiment at the garden where I work is apparently doing well. I'm looking forward to ordering seeds for growing transplants, turning over the beds, amending the soil, etc.

The temperatures in the mountains were in the upper 40's (°F) -- quite lovely, really.   It was ideal weather for walking, observing, and enjoying the beautiful blue skies.


  1. Does he hire out? ;-) I am removing honeysuckle and smilax and any poison ivy. It is not an quick task. Good for you all.

  2. I think most people are pretty anxious to get things started for spring growing. It's been a pretty mild winter where I am. Probably in about 2 months gardening will be in full swing for me. You can never predict mother nature though.

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