A mild winter day

Even though there was a skiff of snow overnight that made for slippery roads and sidewalks early, it was a lovely day in the mountains.  The light was beautiful at sunset.   At the end of winter break, we'll be heading back down the hill to the Piedmont tomorrow.  We're fortunate (totally) to be on academic schedules, with time off to reflect and refresh.

Mocha and me (Christmas Day 2010)
And our old boy (Mocha) was totally delighted to have us all to himself, practically 24/7, and there was snow, woo-hoo!  He loved the snow and the cold weather.

He won't be so happy when we're back at work next week.

But there are programs to do, classes to teach, presentations to prepare, seeds to be ordered for spring transplants, beds to be tended, articles to write, and winter crops in the hoop house to monitor.


  1. Looks like Upstate is going to get some more snow, so Mocha will be happy. Welcome back to this neck of the woods.


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