Looking forward to spring

This time of year is one of looking forward. 

For those of us in the Southern U.S., spring is practically around the corner, as February will bring a number of pleasant days (just like we've had recently, with highs pushing 50°F with sunshine, woo-hoo!)

After the extremely cold weather in December and January, we're ready for a bit of our 'normal' Southern winter weather.

Actually, spring renewal doesn't really begin until mid February, with the flowering of the native red maples, along with the Asian ornamentals (Prunus & Magnolia selections, as well as many others).

But with the days lengthening, I feel the sense of spring just around the corner.  That's a good feeling.


  1. Lisa,

    I'm more than ready for spring. Too see a butterfly along the driveway would be sweet.

  2. Randy,
    That would be really nice....it's coming.

  3. I have a new cottage by the woods in Northern Tennessee. Oh, yes I am excited about approaching
    Spring and my new gardens that have been started.
    Enjoying your site :)


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