Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow at sunset

Clearing skies framed sunlight at dusk.
We ended up with over 13 inches of snow from Christmas Day until today.

It was light, fluffy snow, and folks ventured forth a bit on foot yesterday.

The platform feeder was actively visited.
Today, the roads are OK, at least with AWD, and the temperatures will be moderating by mid-week.

This squirrel seemed to be working on her/his nest materials.

The evening winter light was lovely.


  1. Lisa,

    It is rare that SC beats us with snow falls. 13 inches is a lot, hope your staying warm and keeping safe when and if your out driving.

  2. Love the low angles of the sun against the trees and the snow. Enjoy your snow!

  3. Randy,
    I wish I could say that SC had had that much snow, but we're actually up in the mountains in Asheville, so that accounts for the abundance!

    We've been being extra careful (while practicing) both driving and walking, and haven't needed to drive very far, in any case, and the roads are clearing now. The snow is lovely, but a bit limiting... The Parkway was beautiful today on a hike -- it would have been fun with skis or snowshoes.


  4. Lisa, We had a mere dusting when compared to what you got! My husband has been cross country skiing on the parkway~tons of fun. I prefer snow shoeing! gail


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