Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Squirrel herbivory

We think about Eastern gray squirrels eating nuts, mushrooms, and berries.  But I wouldn't put them on the top of my 'eating greens' list.

But, first the collard transplants disappeared, then the broccoli, and then the red cabbage.  Hmmrph....  I was thinking an errant woodchuck might be selectively browsing, but s/he skipped the cilantro in one of my containers (a woodchuck favorite), so I was puzzled.

A greens-loving squirrel
At home for lunch, I caught the culprit in action.  First, s/he investigated the (sorry) remnants of the collards and broccoli, and then started investigating the adjoining mustard bed.  And, s/he started chewing.  Hmmrph.  My Mr. McGregor instincts had me snapping a quick couple of shots, before I ran out to show him/her away!


  1. We create beautiful gardens for all the critters; planting nuts and berries. But, then they take complete advantage and eat our plants and birdseed. ~The irony!

  2. I was mostly blaming the birds, and I was thinking the squirrels were just burying their black walnuts in my garden, but it looks like I might need to keep a better eye on them! They are leaving the arugula alone, but eating the spinach seedlings. My other Brassica seedlings are pretty much toast!

  3. I've had squirrels eating odd things like Diamond Frost Euphorbia and radicchio, but really didn't expect to catch one chewing on mustard greens! They finished the spinach long ago, apparently. Maybe with the dry weather, fresh (water-rich) food is in short supply?


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