Sunday, August 8, 2010

Morning glories

We're borrowing our neighbors' landscapes in the mountains.

The apartment building on one side of our house has nice young new tenants, but currently no one that appreciates the previous owner's front plantings, which were/are lovely. I've been weeding over there a bit.

Previous tenants liked to grow vegetables in containers next to the parking lot in back, but none of the current tenants are interested, so we've replaced the weedy grasses with rhododendrons and liatris.

But the standout today, are the lovely morning glory flowers, only open in the morning.

The very visible power/telephone lines in front and in back, we thought, were perfect spots for vining annuals: morning glories and moon flowers.  And so it's turned out. 
I planted seeds late, but the morning glories are flowering now, and looking quite nice.

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  1. Excellent idea...must add to list~Plant morning glory vines to climb on ugly poles' The city will love it~gail


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