Monday, August 16, 2010

A lovely corner garden

We've been admiring this corner garden for a couple of years now.

Designed by a local (Asheville, NC) landscape designer, Mantis Gardens, this pocket landscape is obviously well-tended by the gardener-homeowner.

We've talked to her a couple of times, but she doesn't 'know' us.  We just walk by with our gardening assistant (Mocha, our golden retriever), so she recognizes us.

We've told her how much we enjoy her garden  (there's more in the back and side garden, equally small, but delightful).

She seems to have borrowed (with permission) the landscape of the rental house next door.

It's a nice mixture of vegetables next to the street, with fig trees planted below.  An 'Orchard' sign appeared in an adjoining tree in the last weeks.

I love this kind of energy.

It's what all of us CAN have, whether we have acres or 1/8 of an acre, or a balcony or front steps have to create a space with plants.  Even in an apartment with a bit of sunlight, it's worth nurturing plants.

Even if you're bad at it.  I'm not a houseplant person.  Mine are the sturdy sort (and my gardening companion waters 'our' plants in the house).  I'm not sure he's a 'houseplant' person, either, since we're both focused on the outdoors.

But, it's nice to have a decent-looking fern in the bathroom, and a healthy begonia on the bench in the dining room, and surely, a Boston fern (wherever they're actually from) that's healthy and well-watered is a wonderful addition to the porch..?


  1. The constraints of a small garden force us to be creative.
    The small garden you've pictured is a little beauty.

    My wife ,Jill, has a growing collection of orchids that seem to thrive indoors. Do they work in your climate?

  2. I struggle to maintain my small garden - small doesn't necessarily mean less work. This one looks easy. (Hmmm, why is the stop sign facing backwards toward the intersection?)

  3. Oh, I'll have to look to see if it's still like that! Clearly someone turned it around....

  4. Stop sign report:
    Actually both signs on either corner have "stop" signs on both sides! Must have had extras in the shop for some reason.


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