A full moon and a new beginning

It's a full moon tonight.  I can't see it currently, because of low cloud cover.  But I saw it last night, bright and luminous, dusted by clouds.

Full moons are special; they're times to play (Wait until the Moon is Full).

They're also full of promise; they give way to new moons.  I'm not the least bit astrologically inclined, but I enjoy following the phases of the moon.  They provide a rhythm that's a pleasing addition to my awareness of nature and its changes.

I've been distracted lately by work challenges and transformations, but the moon keeps moving through those cycles!


  1. The moon cycles can also tell you when to move plants, sow seeds, even prune and give yourself a haircut.

    I got to see just a bit of the moon last night before the clouds rolled back in. The weather is delightful. I am ready for fall.

  2. and my brugmansia blooms with the full moon!


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