Monday, August 30, 2010

An excellent vegetable garden

We've been admiring a fabulous vegetable garden carved out in 'vacant' space under a bridge in our neighborhood in the mountains.

Montford is a designated historic neighborhood and one that's undergone up and down changes, with the fortunes of Asheville. It's a vibrant neighborhood, now, with an active community association and a recently refreshed website, probably thanks to a new tech-savvy volunteer.

We were delighted to discover an article about the hidden vegetable garden and accompanying chicken coop in the online posting this evening.

It's the vegetable garden under the bridge.

I wish I had some good photos to post; my gardening companion took some on our small camera, but hasn't shared them, as yet.  And my 'big' camera is too heavy to drag along on my morning walks so I haven't taken any myself.

But it's an inspirational place -- empty sunny land that's been converted to a productive vegetable garden.  How cool is that!

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