Time to plant the first peas

It was a perfect late winter day here, temperatures in the upper 60's (°F), sunny and warm. It felt more like spring. The winter honeysuckle was covered in honey bees foraging for nectar.

After a weekend away largely spent on indoor house activities (yuck), it was nice to return home and spend an hour or so turning over the remaining beds, sowing a first series of snap peas (Sugar Sprint) and garden peas (Wando and Maestro), a round of arugula, and a flat of mixed lettuce, to go in the cold frame when the weather turns cold again.

I replanted some favas (broad beans), too, mainly as an experiment, since I think there may not be time for a crop to mature before it gets too hot. My fall planting of favas had a few blackened survivors still with healthy-looking roots, but it was really way too cold this winter for most normally winter hardy greens. Even collards show signs of frost damage.

This week looks like it will be mild; I'm going to continue to put in onion sets and sow more early greens.


  1. I've been pestering my husband for a cold frame. He's thinking about putting up 2 by 8 foot lattuce, and I'm thinking of putting some green fabric stuff for starting grass over it.

    I didn't see if you have a picture of yours up.

    We're zone 5, so it's a bit early for planting.

  2. I sure envy you your early start -- we're weeks and weeks away from peas and beans here in Nova Scotia. But it is looking distinctly more like spring every day. :) Good luck with the cold frame!

  3. Thanks for the info. I'm a new gardner, in the SC Upstate and am counting on your calendar to tell me when to plant. The thing I'm having the most trouble with is when to start seeds. Can you add that information please.

  4. Thanks for the info on what you are planting and when. I'm a new gardener in your area and am counting on your calendar. Can you also add when you are starting seeds? That is something I'm really struggling with.

  5. Sue,
    I'm afraid being hopelessly unhandy (and my husband, too) that I purchased (another) cold frame. This one is much sturdier than my last one, I hope.

    But, a cold frame can be as simple as straw bales with a glass top (an old window works fine).

    Today was a wonderfully spring-like day -- definitely one to try sowing some more early hardy greens (if I'd had the time).

  6. Helen,
    In my post today, I provided some links to some seed starting info that should help. It is hard to figure out when to plant what.

    Good luck with your gardening! We live in a great area to garden.


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