Hepatica americana

Hepatica americana

We saw the first Hepatica in flower this morning. It was expected; it's one of the first of our native woodland wildflowers to flower. We'd actually made a detour on our walk to see if flowers were open in a spot we knew and we weren't disappointed.

I checked for a post about seeing Hepatica last year (it was on February 29) -- I couldn't remember if I'd made one, but of course, I had. This is an image that my gardening companion took last year.

Hepatica flowers open in late morning and close at night. I love retelling the story about the entire lab group in Germany (where I studied after graduate school) making the trek to see the first Hepatica nobilis flowering in the snow.

beloved symbol of spring in Northern Europe, I'm also reminded of the graceful Hepatica logo for an International Botanical Congress in Berlin years ago.


  1. I love this sweet wildflower...and have a bit that visits me each spring...I've noticed the toothwort is up, but haven't seen the hepatica yet...gail

  2. Hepatica is a favorite of mine as well. I've never seen it in the wild in Massachusetts - I found your blog looking for a Mass location to check.

    I did see my first butterfly of the season today, an Eastern comma. Greetings from a Mass Butterfly club member! Stop by my blog Nature Diary (http://tomwhelan.wordpress.com) if you have a chance.

  3. Hepatica is certainly lovely-- and Tom, I hope you'll be able to find a location in Massachusetts!

    It's not very abundant here in the SC Piedmont, but it's always fun to look for the spots we know it's there.

  4. Found my first Hepatica of the year today - St. Lawrence County, NY. (about as far north in NY as you can get) The flower was just opening up so I expect a good flush of blooms soon.


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