Planting times and sowing seeds

It can seem hard to figure out when to start transplants or sow seeds outdoors. You certainly can't rely on when transplants become available in local garden centers (it's usually WAY too early to put warm season vegetables in the ground).

But the best starting point advice (in the U.S.) is information from our state networks of the Cooperative Extension Service, and their equivalents in other places.

In my state, I can rely on fact sheets from Clemson University (our state's land grant institution, which through its Public Service Activities includes in its mission to provide science-based agricultural information to end-users.) Our CU Home and Garden Information Center's factsheet, Planning a Garden, is a great reference for sowing and planting times in the Piedmont, Midlands, and Coastal Plain of South Carolina. Our neighboring states (and states through the U.S., for that matter) have similar useful information distributed through their equivalent Cooperative Extension Service activities.

Another useful device that I'm using is a downloadable Excel spreadsheet for seed starting times, distributed by One of their readers (I think) created an extremely useful chart to determine (based on date of last frost) when to start transplants, sow seeds, and transplant seedlings. Check it out!


  1. Lisa,
    Thanks for the charts. I know I'll have a ton of other questions. But I appreciate your support.

  2. Lisa,
    I downloaded the excel and think it is pretty cool. Also like the chart from Clemson. Great resources.

  3. Hi,
    Glad the charts are helpful. I thought the excel spreadsheet was really useful!

  4. Every time I come here, I find something I hadn't seen before -- I love the way you have the definition of Nature in your sidebar. :) The charts look like they would be very useful. Seed-planting time seems so very far away for this area -- May 16 is generally accepted as the usual date for last chance of frost in my area, though it depends on the year, of course. Soon enough. :)

  5. Nancy,
    Thanks for the nice comment about finding something new. You're always inspirational in your posts!

    Your frost date is a good month behind ours, but as you say, it depends on the year.



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