Seed potatoes

Hooray, my potatoes arrived today! It's way too early to plant them (I was definitely optimistic when I sowed the first round of greens last weekend).

But gardening is about expectation and hope and looking forward to potential harvests. And each season is different in what the weather brings.

These potatoes have arrived in time to be 'chitted' (that is, sprouted), before planting in early March.

I could have searched out seed potatoes at a local seed and feed place (not that I've ever seen any available), but it's much more exciting to get these from a family farm in Maine -- Wood Prairie Farm. I've grown potatoes for the last several years with seed potatoes from them and have been happy with their choices and enjoyed the harvest. I haven't grown enough to store in a root cellar (I need to create one), but have harvested enough for us to savor the diversity.


  1. There was an episode on Victory Garden (not as good as it used to be-- but that is another issue) where they harvested about three or four different varieties of potatoes and then the chef and the farmer/ homeowner made a wonderful sounding dish. What was nice were the variety of potatoes and the freshness. Intrigued me. Haven't grown potatoes.

  2. It looks like you've chosen a wonderful variety -- they taste SO good, fresh from their earthy beds. :)

  3. You can buy seed potatoes at City Seed in Anderson. I'm heading there now.


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