Winter flowers

Henbit flowers
A morning walk found more winter flowers.

Henbit (Lamium amplexicaule) is a winter annual (weed) from Europe, the earliest flowering of a large group of plants that germinate here in the fall and flower in winter or spring, produce LOTS of seeds, and wait until the following fall. It's really a lovely plant, however pesky it may be.

A Japanese apricot (Prunus mume), normally flowering in February, has open flowers with many flower buds ready to open.


  1. I love henbit! It is charming and the color is absolutely perfect...but most weeds don't upset me, but there are a few invasive shrubs and perennials I could do without.

    The Japanese Apricot is a very lovely plant.


  2. Henbit is a lovely flower! Carpets of it are gorgeous.

    But I agree with you that there are plenty of invasive shrubs and vines (think Chinese privet, Eleagnus, English ivy, Vinca, and Japanese honeysuckle) along with newbies Nandina, Bradford pear, butterfly bush, etc.



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