A New Year's Day

More typical winter weather greeted us (Mocha and me) on our morning walk. A skim of ice covered the small frog ponds (actually retention pools) at the Garden and bare soil crackled underfoot. The perfectly blue sky reflects the low humidity this time of year; the mountains are sharp in the distance without the haziness of damp air.

After refilling the feeders, a parade of Carolina Chickadees and Tufted Titmice are stocking up, along with Northern Cardinals; why not take advantage of easily foraged seeds, after all?

I caught a glimpse of a downy woodpecker moving up one of the dogwood trees, perhaps after a visit to the suet feeder.

And groups of American Robins are getting a drink at the bird bath and water dishes.

Best wishes for a New Year of nature watching and gardening!


  1. Best wishes to you as well. I have enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your photos. I am from the area where you live and I enjoy hearing about your garden. LHR

  2. Hello...thank you for visiting my blog! I can see we have a lot of garden favorites in common! May you have a wonderful 2009 with enough! Gail


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