Cedar waxwings and robins

While briefly poking around the internet this morning (reading about growing kohlrabi and asparagus from seed, converting the White House lawn to vegetables,etc.), a sudden descent of a large flock of cedar waxwings crowding around the birdbath and water dishes caught my attention.

They were avidly loading up on water, probably after a berry feast somewhere nearby. There were robins visiting, too, reminding me that I need to refill the dishes.

The weather is mild, now, and the water's not frozen, and there's a feeling of spring to come (we have lots of quince flowers that are open now).


  1. We will have the occasional cedar waxwing flock throughout the winter, and there are quite a few over-wintering robins this year. They are both lovely birds and such little jewels this time of year. :)

  2. The cedar waxwings are such handsome birds, with their yellowish chests and markings. We usually start seeing them around now through winter.

  3. We haven't seen cedar waxwings this year..they just pass through Tidewater I think.

  4. Groundhogs day is right around the corner. Maybe you were smelling spring, but first lets see what the groundhog has to see next week (hopefully his shadow, or is it the other way around?)

  5. The European cousin of the cedar waxwing is the bohemian waxwing. They visit us most winters and on rare occasions there are irruptions of thousands. A few years back, someone spotted a single cedar waxwing among a flock of over a thousand bohemian waxwing. Whether cedar, or bohemian, they are beautiful - and you are very lucky!

  6. They were back today again, along with the robins. The birdbath and dishes of water were the main attraction, along with all the holly berries in the mixed-shrub borders in the back.

    I'm hoping that spring is tip-toeing in (at least the Asian species are thinking flowers).

    I'm not looking forward to trying to nab the groundhog who's been slumbering away under the brushpile, though!


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