Greening a highway

I'm so pleased that my small college town has managed to acquire the resources (hopefully from some sort of highway fund) to plant trees on both sides of the main strip highway through town.

It's not the main street (which was 'beautified' some time ago), but our main bypass sort of highway, the kind that in American towns are normally lined with fast food places, banks, car washes, and strip malls.

Our highway is no exception, but with the gradual turnover of businesses putting up less obtrusive signs (because of sign standards), the visual footprint of this highway has definitely improved.

And with adding a new green strip between the road and sidewalk, now there are lots of new street trees (oaks, I think) being added, along with attractive new street lights. I'm not one to begrudge tax money for this sort of thing at all, and this looks like money well-spent to me.